Rapper Meek Mill’s Sentence Appeal Rejected By Judge

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Turns out Rapper Meek Mill is not coming home anytime soon as a judge has rejected his appeal of her decision to send him to prison for three to six months on a parole violation in a 2009 drug and gun case. Judge Genese Brinkley said the rapper, whose real name is Robert Williams, must get anger management counseling in jail.

Mill was jailed last month after authorities took issue with his behavior after he learned that he wouldn’t be able to travel and perform in scheduled concerts. He apologized Monday, and defense attorneys argued that for nearly five years he has committed no new offenses.

Prosecutors said he tested positive for a painkiller and used a gun in a music video, but the defense said he had a prescription for the substance and the gun was a water pistol.

The #freemeekmill movement would have to continue on social media. 


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