Project Fame 7.0 Uncle Ben Creating a Rift Between the Contestants?

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It seems as if Uncle Ben is unknowingly going to create a rift between Clement and some of his close friends in the project fame academy. Uncle Ben walked into class to meet Clement crying. On asking him why he was crying, Clement asked him if he feels he was improving or if he was garnering votes from the audience because they pitied him.

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Uncle Ben flared up at this point sending all the other contestants out of the class while asking him who made him get up the day he was performing. Clement mentioned Geoffrey, Christian, Oge and Ugo who were immediately summoned into the class by Uncle Ben to explain why they were discouraging him.

Each of them explained that they had never put him down with Christian saying he had never discussed for more than fifteen minutes with clement and Ugo describing him as a brother. Geoffrey also said he made an attempt to console him saying he should stop making people pity him while Oge said she will never put him down and as always been supportive of him.

Uncle Ben called everyone back in and then told Clement that the audience don’t pity him but love his personality. He told him to concentrate more on his vocals that if he stands up and loses his vocals, he will fail to get the support of the audience.

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