Project Fame 7.0: Project Fame Day 32, Kaffy Punishes the Contestants

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On Thursday the 21st of august, 2014, Kaffy got to class earlier than any of the contestants. She reprimanded them for coming late to class, asking if they had a late night party in the house.

Then she proceeded to punish them by asking them to put their hands behind their heads and squat telling them to say ” I will never be late again”. This went on for several minutes as the contestants strained and sweated. She went on to teach the day’s routine telling them there won’t be any singing or dancing on the day.

The day’s routine consisted of twitching and  lots of leg movements. Clement could still not participate and he watched on as his fellow contestants practised the routine. Furthermore, the men were adjudged as better than the women in executing the day’s routine.

More so, Uncle Ben told Laami she was ruining her chances. He told her her willpower was gone that all she had left was her Ego. Laami was later shown crying and lamenting that she had not learnt enough in her five weeks of being in the competition. However, Shola consoled her that she’s a better person and she can only get better with time.

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