Project Fame 7.0: Gala night, A Week of Ballads

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For the remaining contestants, the battle continued to remain in the house. The guest judge for the day was Banky W. The contestants started their performances with Rukky singing “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. She got rave reviews from Ade Bantu who said her performance was a great way to start the show saying it was her best performance still. Banky W commended her saying he and the audience connected with her. Uncle Ben said he enjoyed her and she was welcome to good days.

Taiwo sang “Can we talk” by Tevin Campbell. TY-MIX said the platform was meant to test his elasticity saying he performed well but there was room for improvement. Ms Ige on the other hand said he was improving but required work on his diction and stagecraft. Daniella performed “All the love that I need” by Whitney Houston. She got a standing ovation from members of the faculty with Kaffy saying she was proud of her. More so, Ugo performed “This Love” by Maroon 5. Banky W said he got the song right with Mummy J ( Joke Silva) telling him his confidence was beautiful and enchanting.

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Furthermore, Ade Bantu criticised Debbie’s performance of “Fast car” by Tracy Chapman as she broke down in tears,  saying she allowed her nerves get to her with her hesitation and fear. Ms Ige encouraged her by saying she shouldn’t doubt herself as she was a fantastic singer. Flourish performed Celine Dion’s “I love you”. TY-MIX told her the problem was her soul fullness and never her voice. Uncle Ben told her to keep it up as he was tired of fighting her to improve. Also, Emeka got a standing ovation with cheers and screams from the audience for his performance of John Legend’s “So HighBanky W told him he portrayed the spiritual and important bits of music while Mummy J said he was beautiful and amazing to watch.

Moreover, Bibi commended Shola’s performance of Keith sweat’s “Twisted” saying he went way back and entertained all with his soothing voice with Kaffy saying his voice and the material gelled well. Geoffrey sang “All of me” by John Legend with TY-MIX saying his breath control, tone, emotions and diction were spot on. Uncle Ben said he was phenomenal and the audience appreciated. Christian and Clement’s performances of “My my my ” by Johnny Grail” and “Back on my feet again by ” Michael Bolton respectively earned rave reviews from the judges and the faculty.

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