Project Fame 7.0: Day 33, Mommy J Gives Lessons on Being Too Needy

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The principal of the Academy, Joke Silva, started her class by asking clement if he understands what it means to be needy. Laami explained that being needy entails depending on other people for financial, emotional and moral support. Clement explained that he feels there are a lot of people in the world who are in need of something or the other but are unable to ask as they allow their needs break them down. Christian said lots of people keep to themselves when they are in need instead of allowing people know the predicament they are in, he said it was perhaps due to the fact that people don’t care.

More so, Ugo says there is a difference between being in need and being a needy person. He said a needy person is complacent and always wants things to be done for them, while a person in need is incapacitated and requires help.

Taiwo also said he learnt that it was important to be sensitive to the needs of people. The principal rounded up by saying being needy is an emotional state.

Uncle Ben walked in during Ms Ige’s class. They told Debbie during her performance that it was important for her not to drop her expression when she’s struggling with her lines. All the contestants also performed Pharell Williams “Happy”.

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