Project Fame 7.0: Day 32, Contestants Take Lessons on Productivity

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The contestants on Day 32 received lessons from Ms Abisola Longe on productivity. She told them productivity was all about adding values in whatever endeavour a person partakes in. She said their ate five basic steps in ensuring efficient productivity.

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These are: Creating a compelling vision, having the right and appropriate attitude, setting achievable goals, ensuring the goals are timely and having discipline.

She however told them that the attainment of all the steps was hinged on Discipline. She told them the secret to being disciplined and successful was that successful people do what other people hate to do. She told the contestants that FEAR was false evidence appearing real, that they need not have fear while striving to achieve their goals.

She gave gum to Ugo, whom she said was the most attentive listener amongst the contestants.

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