Project Fame 7.0: Day 31, Emotions and Tears in the Academy

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As Miss Ige entered class for the day’s performance, she requested Clement sit up to sing his medley. Clement rehearsed his song which he will perform by the weekend. He broke down in tears as he sang Michael Bolton’s ” Back on my feet again” as the song related to the accident he had while in the academy.

Miss Ige told him the song was a perfect one for him as it served as his escape route which he cannot hide from. She told him to keep singing on stage even when it’s hard saying it’s the feeling people want to connect with, to know if he feels their pain.

After the class, Clement asked to see her privately asking her if he was actually improving or people were pitying him. She told him never to doubt himself.

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More so, when Kaffy was demonstrating Clement’s performance of Michael Bolton’s “when I’m back on my feet again”. Some of his fellow contestants broke down in tears. Most notably Oge and Laami. It seemed the song was able to draw out raw emotions from the contestants. However, it wasn’t evident if the tears was as a result of Clement’s condition or the lyrics and rhythm of the song been played.

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