Project Fame 7.0: Captaincy Baton Changes Hands From Emeka to Ugo

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Monday is that time of the week where the captaincy baton of the Academy changes hands from one worthy leader to another. the reigning captain of last week  Emeka ‘Emekus’ decided to use the “Don’t forget your lyrics” game as his preferred method of choosing the next champion. Starting with Asa’s ‘Fire on the Mountain, the first person to exit was Geoffrey who admitted not knowing the lyrics. The game went on till Ugo was left with cheers and ovation from his fellow contestants.

After this, the contestants scrambled for the music room. Unfortunately, only five of the contestants were present in class on Uncle Ben’s arrival as he shut the doors on those that were not presentHe expressed his displeasure at the absence of the remaining contestants but later on  admitted the absentees into the class. He addressed the performances of the class, calling it incompetent and lackadaisical. He ended the class with handing them their songs for the weekend telling them to get better for the week ahead as it would be tougher.

On Uncle Ben’s exit, the contestants got to bond more with Daniella (the wildcard entrant) who explained how touched she was with their warm welcome indicating how grateful she was for the second chance she had being accorded.



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