Project Fame 7.0: Academy Day 38, Learning Continues

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 It was indeed a day of surprises as the contestants discussed their negative sides. Mummy J asked all the contestants to say two negative things each of themselves. Christian started by saying he is sometimes too blunt and retracts into a shell when issues arise around him. Clement described his negative side as being too slow and disorganised.

Ugo says he talks too much and he is too forward. Taiwo said he is sometimes too strong headed and judgemental while Emeka says his negative side is that he is shy and enjoys being led. Shola reveals he’s too quiet while Geoffrey exposes that he talks too much and always wants to be heard. Daniella says she is disorganised and talks too much while Flourish admits that she has bad communication skills.

More so, Rukky says she talks a lot and can be negative in her approach to issues while Debbie says she can be too playful and insensitive.

Mummy J went on to ask them to state their positive attributes. With Christian saying he was a positive goal getter and Clement said he hardly changes his mind. Debbie said she’s discerning and empathetic while Flourish told them she’s compassionate. Rukky reveals she’s intelligent while Taiwo described himself as instinctive. Emeka described his positive attribute as being humble; Shola said he is a good public speaker while Geoffrey said he motivates people. Also, Ugo said he’s a good public speaker. At this point, Mummy J ended the class saying they’ve learnt a lot about each other and they will continue the next day.

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