Project Fame 7.0: Academy Day 38, Contestants Get Presents From Miss Ige

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Ms Ige walked into class bearing presents for the contestants who were delighted to have them. Each of them took turns to take their gift from the bag Ms Ige came with.

She then proceeded with her clas,s tutoring Debbie, Shola and Flourish. She promised to continue with the others the next day.

Also, Mummy J scolded Christian and Debbie for dangling their microphones. She told them the penalty for breaking the rule was that they will miss Uncle Ben’s class.

However, both Christian and Debbie were part of the group rehearsals of Boys II Men, New Edition and Michael Jackson songs to be performed on Nomination and Eviction nights under the tutelage of Uncle Ben.

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  1. I’ve got this strong feeling that christian might win this year’s project fame, he’s loved by both the faculty and the judges

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