Project Fame 7.0: Academy Day 37, Contestants Recap What They’ve Learnt.

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Mummy J’s class for the day was interactive as ever as she asked the contestants to tell her what they’ve learnt since being in the Project Fame academy. She started by asking Daniella who said she had learnt to be tolerant. Taiwo on the other hand said he had learnt to be versatile and project his strength rather than his weaknesses.

More so, Christian said he has realised nothing is impossible since he had been auditioning for six years to get into the Project Fame academy before he got in. He also said he has learnt to open up and put together all his weaknesses to build up his strength. Flourish on her part said she learnt new things she never knew about herself and how to relate with people. Musically, she said she learnt that interpretation was key to any performance and the different kind of voices.

Mummy J summarised by saying they have all learnt basically the same thing which was tolerance and music interpretation.

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