Project Fame 7.0: Academy day 36, Contestants Get Their Songs of the Week.

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Uncle Ben came in to hand the contestants the songs they are to perform for the week. He told all of them they are to perform two songs by New Edition and Boys II Men. He told them that their songs of the week would be reggae and dance hall based.

More so, told the contestants he gets dressed everyday to meet incompetent people hammering on Debbie for losing her nerves and ruining the song during her Gala night performance. Uncle Ben commended Flourish for performing the song well, asking her if either of Laami and Oge were a source of distraction to her. Flourish however denied this.

On the recap, Clement cried as Oge and Laami left the academy. Christian was also a bit under the weather with Geoffrey telling him to be strong.

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  1. Wasn’t sad that oge and laminate got eliminated, their performances where sometimes always below expectation

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