Pizza Delivery Man want to bite back – suing Kid Ink Over Dog Attack

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Kid ink is on the news again for the wrong reasons. (At least once more will be fair enough 🙂 ) – following his arrest a few days back for disturbing the peace in Vegas.

This time, Kid Ink’s dog viciously attacked a pizza delivery guy and now the delivery man is suing for some chunk of money.

Garnik Nazarian claimed that Kid ink ordered for pizza and was to be delivered to kid’s Granada Hills home. When the pizza guy turned up, Kid’s dog ‘Louie’ pounced on him… chomping down on his hands, arms, legs, face and other body parts.

Nazarian is suing Kid ink for a few dollars as he wont be able to do his delivery job for a long time as a result of injuries sustained from the attack.

This is what Nazarian have to say about the accident ”Kid should’ve known Louie was “unusually dangerous” and prone to attack and should’ve kept the animal locked up.
Here is the thing, In California and most states, if a dog bites someone, the owner don’t have to say much, he/she just pays – simple.

David King

David King

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