Photos: AFROBEATS LIVE @ Jazz Cafe London With Mr 2Kay, Moelogo, EmiEzela and more

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On the 24th of July at the prestigious London Jazz café with the empire sound band, Mr 2kay who performed alongside UK afrobeats acts such as Dotstar, Moelogo, Maya K, Ada snoop,EmiEzeala, Victizle and more.

The event was hosted by Dj Abrantee of Capital Xtra and May7ven, queen of UK Afrobeats. Here are some of the pictures from the event. Enjoy.

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Afrobeats Live-76_London_360nobs Afrobeats Live-77_London_360nobs Afrobeats Live-78_London_360nobs Afrobeats Live-79_London_360nobs Afrobeats Live-80_London_360nobs
Afrobeats Live-82_London_360nobs

Pictures: Michael Tubes for



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