Pastor T.B. Joshua – Satan Is The Manufacturer Of Ebola

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Popular preacher Prophet T.B. Joshua has identified the manufacturer of the Ebola virus that is currently ravaging Western Africa: Satan.

According to Mr. Joshua, who, on Sunday, led his congregation in prayer for the nations and individuals affected by the disease, time was up for the ‘strange ailment’ and life would soon return to normal for the affected countries.

“The so called strange ailment coming from three nations – Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia… Satan is the manufacturer, the source,” Joshua defiantly declared to the faithful.

“Begin to capture the covenant of that strange sickness,” the cleric then enjoined the congregation. “Command that strange ailment to come out and go to the pit of hell, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

“Because of Christ, people of Liberia, Sierra Leona, Guinea, you are released,” Mr. Joshua said, accompanied by the vibrant congregants in a service believed to have been viewed by millions worldwide through Joshua’s Christian television station Emmanuel TV.

“People are no longer their brother’s keepers because of this strange disease,” he lamented, adding that if someone publicly collapsed from any form of sickness, people would likely abandon the invalid as opposed to lending a helping hand.

“Once satan takes love out of people, he has taken life. Satan is not happy that we are one; he is against oneness. He knows when we are not one, we can be defeated,” he fumed.

“The weapon satan is afraid of is love,” Mr. Joshua continued. “Satan can fight anything but he cannot fight love.”




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  1. I’m sorry, but praying never helped anyone or anything. There is no proof of a GOD or a Satan and getting people together in Ebola infected areas is just asking for more spreading of the virus. This organized religious stupidity has been going on for way to many years already. If someone can’t be a good person without fear of going to hell, then they aren’t a good person to begin with. Good people don’t need fear of hell to be good. I’m being upfront about all of this because religion has hurt way more than it’s helped anyone ever. Wars based on religion, people not getting their kids immunized based on religion. Come on people. wake up and smell reality.

  2. Religion is not the solution to the world’s problem but jesus.people,under the control of the devil have made a mess of everything in our world today.I strongly recommend jesus to you and the entire world.

  3. TB Joshua should order that they bring all the Ebola virus patients so that he can pray for them. He must remember to wear the protective shield because when he catches Ebola, no one will cure him. Since he can cure AIds , he can also cure Ebola but must be careful mhhh…mhhh…mhhh

  4. All diseases,problems,tragedies, divorces and all calamities are programmed by satan from the
    2nd heaven,throne of satan.We must not fear anything that satan bring our way.God has a way to
    bring us out from traps of satan.Fear and panic make satan,evil spirits,demons and satan agents
    successed.Our Lord Jesus Christ Say,Fear Not,for I am with you.Jesus has conquered dea,inform
    satan you do not fear to die,and he will flee from you.Ebola or no Ebola, I have no fear,fear is satanic.
    Children of God,Fear Not,Even Ebola.Dont panic.

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