Nigerian Army Takes Back Damboa Town From Boko Haram

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After Insurgent group Boko Haram ransacked Gwoza, a town in Borno State near the border with Cameroon, Nigerian Army went on the offensive and got back the town of Damboa from the Islamist insurgents.

On July 21, Boko Haram insurgents had attacked the town and murdered hundreds of residents and soldiers patrolling the area, before planting their flags and claiming the town.

One senior staff in the DHQ told SaharaReporters that the Army got the town back after a fierce battle with the insurgents yesterday, he also confirmed that the terrorists lost many of its members in the fight.

He said: “our soldiers circled Damboa and engaged the terrorists in a serious battle. We have now recaptured Damboa after defeating the resistance of Boko Haram militants in the township.”

Many of Damboa citizens had run to Cameroon in order to survive the occupation by the terror unit.

Sources in the military said that the attack was helped by the involvement of the advance team of Nigerian Air Force pilots who bombed the insurgents’ command centers in Damboa.

“It was after our Air Force jets bombarded their strongholds that the troops of the Tank battalion moved in on a clearing mission,” the officer revealed.



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