New Album: Duncan Daniels – “ART OF ME” NOW OUT

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Art of Me by Duncan Daniels was released on August 16th, 2014. It is available on iTunes, Googleplay and all other digital distribution platforms worldwide.


“Art of Me” takes you on a musical journey through the creative mind of a versatile artiste, here the canvas has no limitation to self-expression and music is not bound by genre, age, race or orientation. “Art of Me” is the third solo album by Duncan Daniels. The album is simply about self-expression, music without borders or boundaries and not subject to genre specification. Duncan Daniels’ “Art of Me” was produced, written and arranged by Duncan himself and with all the versatility this album portrays, it is hard not to recognize the amazing gift Duncan Daniels possesses as an artist, songwriter and music producer.

This Album gives you an insight into Duncan’s personality, the raw passion he has for his craft and his ability to show his skill as an all-round musician. The most beautiful thing about “Art of Me”, is that any listener could have a personal favorite track unique to another’s and that is rare in today’s music world.

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Track List
1. Superstars feat. Mackgee
2. Way to your heart feat. Demi Grace
3. Blindly in love
4. Beautiful
5. In spite of these
6. Forever
7. Love song
8. End signs
9. Shine feat. Tia Yasmine
10. Wine am low feat. Sukiyaki
11. Temperature Rising
12. Celebration
13. Checkmate


Album Credits:
All Tracks were written and produced by Duncan Daniels Onyemuwa for Dunkishrock Productions.
Co-writers and producers include: Gerard “Mack Gee” Mmereole/Co-Writer “Superstars”, Gideon “Geedon” Aworekun /Co-Writer “Temperature Rising”, Tia Yasmine/Co-Writer “Shine”, Olasunkanmi “Sukiyaki” Kehinde/Co-Writer “Wine am Low”, Enrico Tiberi/Co-Producer “In Spite of These”, Angelica “Angel Boy” Rodriguez/Co-Producer “In spite of These”
Published by Cdbay © Copyright 2014 Dunkishrock Production (BMI).
Recorded By Duncan Daniels Onyemuwa at Dunkishrock Studios, New York, NY, USA.
Instrumentation Credits: Enrico Tiberi/ Guitars “In Spite of These”, Angelica “Angel Boy” Rodriguez/Bass “In spite of These”.
Mixed and Mastered by Duncan Daniels at Dunkishrock Studios, New York, NY, USA
Executive Producers: Duncan Daniels Onyemuwa and Patrick Iluebbey

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