More Love for Plus Sized Women

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In a society like Nigeria, where being single is not encouraged and always frowned at, everyone wants to find love and settle down; if not for their own sakes, then for the sakes of their family and friends, in order to escape being prejudiced. The task of finding someone to settle down with is almost as challenging as getting a great job that one loves or being independent in the country because everyone is scared of getting hurt or ending up with the wrong person but nevertheless, so many people are suckers for romance and believe greatly that there is a man for every woman; the stick thin, slim, tall, short, thick, light skinned, dark skinned, the bleached ones, sick ones and the larger women who often think no man can ever find them attractive enough to settle down with them because bizarrely, the society has dictated through the media the kind of ladies men will fall in love with and take home to their mama.

No matter the number of skinny girls that grace magazine covers or strut their asses on TVs, however, some men still find super plus sized queens attractive and want to make them their wives but sadly, these ladies often don’t believe it is true love because they think they are ugly and would think any man that comes on to them is either doing them a favour or mocking them. To love a larger woman or to make her believe in the love you have for her can be tasking sometimes but nonetheless, it is a process that helps her discover her true beauty, make her comfortable with her size and also a way to be assured your feelings are not just mundane but deeper than that.

To love a larger woman, you have to be strong enough to get her to believe that she does not have to be stick thin to be beautiful or sexy. You have to make her understand that she is lovely, just like everyone out there. Most big women want to know that you find them desirable, it is like assuring themselves you truly are for them, so you must try to pass good compliments as much as possible. There is no better love you can show a woman than to help her self esteem grow in leaps and bounds. You have to be strong for the time she will break down and call herself undesirable names. Make her believe that the status quo the media has carved is not always reality.

Loving a larger woman is a lot of work and takes courage and strength, getting her to see your feelings for her as genuine as it is with other women. Either skinny or chubby or fat, every woman needs to be assured that her man really loves her for who she is and it is not just physical. Every woman is scared of being hurt and loving a larger woman is the same as loving every other girl out there. Love itself is a courageous act and only the brave can go through with it, no matter the size or shape. You have to put in a lot of work to convince her that it is for real. You have to pursue her, make her feel wanted and attractive like with every other girl.

To love a larger woman or any woman, you have to be prepared to be her backbone at every point in time. The plus sized woman wants to be supported and cared for. She needs a man who will always cater to her needs and respect her. She needs a man who will always be ready to go the extra mile for her, a man who can protect her and so does every woman.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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  1. A man should say good things to his woman, plus size or not. The only thing I believe that makes a plus size woman in need of more attention is the same that makes her opposite number need the same thing. They need to be constantly told their body mass isn’t what describes their persona.’Orobo’ or ‘lepa’, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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