Mimiko attributes success to wealth creation policy

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The Ondo State Governor, Olusegun Mimiko, has said that the success of his government is attributable to wealth creation through the engagement of the manufacturing sector.

The governor said the state had achieved wide material wealth distribution by facilitating and creating enabling environment for manufacturers, factories, small-scale businesses, and other entrepreneurs to complement the government’s efforts.

Mimiko said this on Tuesday at the Yoruba Tennis Club’s Business Luncheon where he delivered a paper titled, “Progressivism as an Ideological Instrument for Social Integration -The Ondo State Example.”

While emphasising that the basic duty of any responsible government is to create a society where everyone would have equal opportunities, Mimiko said his government had laid an example that other states in the country needed to follow.

He said, “Because of unequal access to the opportunities and privileges arising from nobility of births, preferment, and special privileges, it is the duty of any responsible government to seek to narrow the class differentiations that tend to exist among the people as a result of the undemocratic access to the good things of life.

“Historically, societies in which this class differentiation was pronounced were prone to civil agitation and social unrest because of manifest and perceived economic inequalities. Many monarchies collapsed as a result. For example, the French Revolution led to the collapse of the French monarchy, while the military ended the monarchy in Egypt. The French Revolution brought about the vibrant French Republic we know today, while the consequences of the military revolution in Egypt are still unravelling.”

Mimiko also observed that the most pressing challenge of today’s government had been how to achieve a sustained benefit for the citizens, saying “this is where the concept of development comes in.”

He said, “Today, development is viewed as the result of the state’s capacity to organise resources to meet challenges and opportunities.

“Michael Todaro, a foremost American Economist and a pioneer in the field of Development Economics posited that development is an increase in living standards, improvement in self-esteem and freedom from oppression as well as a greater choice. This is why development became a measure of progress and the quality of life in developing nations.”



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