Iyanya’s Manager, Ubi Franklin Survives Horrific Car Accident [PHOTOS]

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Iyanya‘s manager, Ubi Franklin is recuperating in a hospital after surviving a ghastly car accident.

Franklin told the story of what happened, alongside some photos of the incident on his Instagram page. He wrote,

“In Every situation Give Thanks. I had a few friends who were celebrating Birthdays last nite and in was invited to party with them at a Club on Victoria Island. I got into the car and was so tired to Drive to one of my friends Drove, on our way back I saw a friend I haven’t seen in a while at another club trying to park I stopped to say hi and we entered the second club after a few minutes I decided to leave, right outside the club is a shawarma spot I got some and then I and my friends were headed Home and I was trying to eat my sharwama while my friend drove us home. That’s the Last I could remember. I found myself covered with Airbags and I came out of that car that tumbled and a good Samaritan took us to the Hospital. I am here asking anyone who can Pray or who is about to Pray!! To put me and my friends in Prayers God saved us all. Thank You and Good morning #ubifranklin”

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