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Relationships can be really hard sometimes, let’s face it. But we all pray that we go through the down times with someone worth it, someone we love and that loves us, someone who is genuine and someone who is trustworthy.

What is the point of being with someone who deep down doesn’t give a shit about our emotions or who would put a dagger through our backs the moment we turn away?

If all the answers to the questions listed below are yes, then it might be time to give him that much deserved quit notice.

Does he lie?

My female cousin recently got off a relationship with a long term boyfriend and when we got talking, she told me that as much as he was such a sweet looking boy on the outside with manners that rivaled that of the royal family, he could lie and make Lucifer jealous.

Isn’t that just grand? He could probably lie and get an Olympic medal for it.

A man that lies is not trustworthy. If he lies even when unnecessary then this type of man is an accident waiting to happen, you need to leave him be.

Is his character shady?

When he is saying the truth you can’t tell it’s a hundred percent truth. When he discusses something with you, you know deep down something isn’t right. With this person you cannot really say what’s going on. He is black today and is white tomorrow and the day after, he is all shades of grey.

You don’t know what his office looks like because he wont tell you where exactly it is in Ikeja and you don’t know the address to his house because ever since you met, he has used every trick in and out  of the book to keep you away.

Someone who you don’t trust anything he says isn’t a keeper. In Frank Donga’s voice “if he is dilly dallying and does not know where he is going, leave him alone”.

Is he a cheater?

I know of guys who their girlfriends cannot dare to trust with any female, not even a female dog. Some guys just have wandering eyes and straying hands. It is simply impossible for them to keep their hands off the cookie jar.

If the answer to this is yes then you know what it is.

Is he disrespectful?

I saw this Yoruba movie once (actually this happens all the damn time in Yoruba movies), where this guy gave his wife’s mom the biggest insult of her life and I wonder if this happens in reality.

Just in case it does and your man is the type who insults people close to you (or not) without thinking twice, then you should know he is not the type you keep for long.

Does he keep secrets?

Does he know everything there is to know about you and you know scarce nothing about him? Is he like a ghost? Like if he disappears today you would have known nothing whatsoever about him? Does he ensure all the questions you ask him are never replied and then gets defensive when you probe further?

A man who isn’t open to you when you are open to him isn’t worth it. Except you are down with a man who loves to keep secrets.


A man that isn’t trustworthy isn’t the type you keep. If he is a keeper then he would be honest, trustworthy and open to you. Anything other than that and he has to leave.



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