#InTheNews: Thief Removes Own Fingerprints To Hide Her Identity

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You have seen it happen in movies, well here is the real life version. Anne Marie Miller, a former lawyer, who is said to have used chemicals to obscure her fingerprints and accused of swindling two elderly victims has been arrested.

According to sheriff Samuel Crish, she was caught while using a fake birth certificate to obtain an ID card under a false name, and as she was being booked, they realized her fingerprint had no ridges and were very smooth.

Her pictures were sent out in an attempt to identify her and she was discovered to be a bankruptcy lawyer who had her license taken off her. sheriff Crish said Miller had requested for a nationally-syndicated TV show to interview her in jail and asked him if the interviewer would help her write a book.

She has now been charged with 14 counts of theft, forgery, conspiracy e.t.c

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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