#InTheNews: Libyan Migrant Boat Sinks With 170 On Board

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At least 170 passengers are reported to have been on board a boat than sank. Dozens of people are thought to have drowned after a boat loaded with migrants sank off the coast of Libya. But so far, the coast guards have only rescued 17 people.

According to the coast guard official, Mohammed Abdellatif, he told Reuters that the alarm was first raised at dawn on Saturday by local fishermen who said a boat had capsized in the sea east of Tripoli. and by the time rescuers arrived, it had disappeared underwater and the few people who were still alive were surrounded by the bodies of those who were not.

Coastguard officials said they had no boats of their own, so they had to commandeer fishing vessels.

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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