#InTheNews: Goldminers Trapped After Landslide

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Rescuers on friday worked really hard to reach at least 24 gold miners trapped by a landslide which occurred on Thursday at El Comal gold and and silver mine operated by Hemco in the town of bonanza, 420km northeast of Managua, Nicaragua capital.

According to Martha Lagos, an official of of the ruling party, Sandinista, she said they presumed all those trapped were alive since they could hear voices and that rescuers were working hard and searching for old tunnels to reach the miners.

Hemco, the Nicaraguan subsidiary of Colombian miner Mineros SA, said it had condemned the area where the miners are trapped after inspectors recently found it to be unsafe. It said the miners who are trapped are freelancers who had continued to work there despite the company’s warning after two miners died last month in a landslide caused by heavy rain.

A company spokesman said although the freelancers were not employed by Hemco, they were allowed to operate in areas controlled by them if they agreed to sell any gold they find to the firm. It was also reported by El 19 digital that one of the 26 originally tapped miners escaped on Thursday night and another was rescued on friday morning.

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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