#InTheNews: Fiance Fakes Own Death To Escape Getting Married

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Its strange and really funny when you think about the things people do to avoid going into the lifelong commitment called marriage. Alex Lanchester was the perfect bride, excited and all. And she couldn’t wait to tell her American  fiancee, Tucker Blandford, all the arrangements she had made, how she had seen the wedding gown of her dreams, the photographer she had booked, e.t.c.

It came as a rude shock when she received a call from Tucker’s dad saying he was dead. He allegedly threw himself in front of a car after battling depression for a while. In tears, Alex called his mum to learn more only to discover it was all a lie, and the ‘grieving dad’ was in fact the fiance who was faking his own death in order not to get married to her.

According to a  heartbroken Alex, ‘All i ever did was love him. After this, i am not sure i can trust any man ever again.

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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