How to Find a Good Baby Daddy

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Men are not as good with kids as women are. While women have mummy instincts that make them alert to their children’s needs and make them bond in ways which seems beyond the ordinary, men cannot tolerate babies for so long.

There are however some type of men who bond with kids in ways we cannot explain. Who wouldn’t want to find that type of man who would make life easier and be a “mom” to the kids while the woman isn’t around?

Let’s help you find this unique and amazing type of man.

Stress doesn’t bend him

Whenever everything is upside down and the world seems to be coming down on you, he doesn’t run. He stays and sees how everything can be placed under control.

Babies are a handful and they cause stress sometimes, it is the reason most people get nannies. A man who can handle any and all types of stress can cope being a daddy. You wont have to worry when he is with the kid and you jet off to handle business.

He’s super duper sweet

Like seriously, he goes the extra mile for you, does the cleaning for you when you seem tired, helps you around the house and even helps with the dishes sometimes. A man who does this would be able to tend to a kid because that is what babies need. Someone who is super sweet and who doesn’t get tired of tending to them.

He is attentive

Babies love attention. They literally scream when they have been neglected for too long. A man who tends to your every need, knows when you need help around the house, gives you a massage when you are stressed, knows what to do every damn time is very much likely going to be a fantastic daddy.

He is not selfish

He is selfless. He takes other people into consideration and cares for them more than he cares for himself. This type of man wouldn’t mind changing diapers when you have your hands full, he wont mind rocking the baby to sleep when it wakes and is cranky in the middle of the night, this type of man would be a great daddy.

He is very reliable

You know when you are not there that he’s got your back. When he says he would do something then he would damn well do it. When he tells you not to worry about handling an issue, he def would handle it.

Both of you have an amazing relationship

You both get each other. You gel perfectly well. He is the ying to your yang, the only one who fits the puzzle. You know deep down that he would make a good daddy. Nobody needs to tell you that.

He wants to be a Dad

The best way you can spot a perfect baby daddy is to actually see one who wants to be a Dad. He would say it to you, let you know soon and very soon he wouldn’t mind being someone’s father. When a man says it and exhibits all of the above signs and more, then he is ready to be more than a husband, he is ready to be a father.



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