How to be an Awesome Girlfriend

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Basically, how to be an awesome woman to your man, whether boyfriend or man friend or husband, this is how you can be a truly awesome woman to the man you love.

Be his sugar mama: Kim Kardashian might be the proponent of the culture; how to become a celebrity overnight simply by sharing your private part with a man and showing the world the end result, but she is also one woman who knows damn well how to give her man some sugar. And I am not talking the bedroom here. I am talking about her gifting him a Lamborghini on one of his birthdays! I am talking about Angelina Jolie supposedly buying her spouse an Island and Beyonce buying her man a private jet.

You might not be able to buy all of the things these women have purchased for their man but I bet you can take him to dinner in an exotic restaurant. You can take care of his shopping for a month or do something as little as fueling his car for a week!

Men love to take care of their women but they also love women who take charge of the bills once in a while. I mean who can top that?

Give him good loving: you can play Banky W’s Good loving while you make sweet love to him in the shower, on the bed, on the kitchen counter, on the couch in the sitting room, in the car and wherever else you want it.

Blow his mind and give it to him the way he’s never gotten it. I mean, let him go to work and be thinking of that amazing last night while working. Let that be what comes to his mind when he resumes work and the reason he wants to beat traffic and run home.

Give it to him the way no other woman would be able to give him.

Cook dishes that rival mama cass: not like I am a fan of mama cass, but cook meals that would be the only thing he wants to eat for the rest of his life. Do not be afraid to unlearn your old ways of cooking and embrace new ones that might be exciting. Download recipes, look through cookbooks, watch food channels and learn how to cook more delicious homemade meals. Don’t be afraid to go Chinese if you want. As long as you don’t leave the man purging his intestines out, and if you do, oh well let’s just say you will remain unforgettable.

Listen to him: Listen when he talks. Do not let him feel like you are the only one who likes to be heard. Stroke his ego, let him know  he’s your daddy and he can be for as long as he wants.

Be attentive: to his every need and everything he wants. Do what he likes before he even asks you to and take care of things before you are asked.

Let him know he’s got the whole of you: Let him know he doesn’t have to ever share you with any other guy. Men are very territorial and when they are in a relationship with a woman, they hate to share that woman with anybody else. When they know they have you on lockdown, it strokes their ego and tells them all is well in paradise. Always remember to assure your man that he’s got the whole of you and he would never have to share you with anyone else.

Let him be a boy: Men can be boys when they are around their friends. Let him be a boy again. Let him hang with them, do the guy things they do and have fun with his friends when he wants to. He would love you more for it.

Be accommodating: to him and to the people around him. Make his friends your friends and bring his people closer. You do not necessarily have to keep a close relationship with them but never should you antagonize them.


If you do all of the aforementioned things for your man, then there is no way any bitch, sorry woman, can top this. You will own this man forever.



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