How Many Yards Make A Good Wife Material?

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If you have a girlfriend and you are hoping to pop the big question very soon  or you want to settle down with a woman with an awesome quality and will make your marriage heaven on earth or a girl aspiring to be someone’s wife someday, then you need to know the attributes that make a girl a good wife material. Listed below are the many yards that make a woman a good wife material:

#SHE IS A GOOD COMMUNICATOR: a good wife understands the essence of communication in a relationship. She knows when to talk and when to keep quiet. She knows the time to say certain things and knows how to make you happy when you are sad, calm when you are pissed and how to encourage you. She praises you, never talks you down and never says the wrong things about you to outsiders. A woman who understands the power of words and how to use ithem positively is a good wife material.

#SHE SHARES THE SAME BELIEFS AS YOU: a potential good wife material will share the same core belief as you do. She has to be able to believe in your dreams, visions, purpose, views about life if not, you will have a big issue when you both get married. Even the Bible admonishes that you should not have anything to do, much less marry a girl who is unruly yoked with you. A good wife material will believe in everything or almost everything that you believe in.

#SHE IS SELFLESS: one of the things you should look out for in a girl you hope to settle down with is selflessness. She should be able to put others into consideration, she must be thoughtful and very caring. A selfish woman who only thinks about herself will make a terrible wife.

#SHE GETS ALONG WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS: she is going to be spending the rest of her life with you and will be seeing a lot of your family and friends,  therefore you need a woman that interacts well with your family and friends. She must be comfortable around them. With no genuine reason, she must not try to separate you from the personage you grew up with and have been loyal to you almost all your life. Find a woman who cherishes your friends and family as she does hers and you have found a good wife material.

#SHE LOVES ALL OF YOU: she must love you for who you are and not try to make you be who you are not, although there is nothing wrong if she tries to make you a better person but not because she is trying to match up to her friends’ level but for your own good. A good wife material must appreciate you and love you for who and what you are. She must fully embrace who her man is.

#SHE MAKES YOU A BETTER MAN: she must be able to make you feel good about yourself at all times and never at any point make you feel like you are not man enough. If you are still dating and feel you like you are trying too hard to please her and make her happy, then your marriage will be much worse. Settle for the woman who brings out the best in you and not the beast in you.

#SHE MAKES YOU HAPPY: marriage is for a lifetime, therefore you need someone who would make you laugh and happy even when things are hard. Find a woman with a good sense of humour that brings joy to your life every day. Laughter is a good way to stay away from the doctor and when couple laugh together every time, they strengthen the bond between them.

#SHE IS RESPONSIBLE: a good wife material must be very responsible. She must be able to manage her life appropriately in order to be able to manage a home. She must be able to take care of herself, dedicated and also principled. More importantly, a good wife material must be financially responsible. She must know how to manage her finances properly.

#SHE IS SMART: you need a woman who will be your confidante, someone you can share your problems with and so, you must police out for a woman who is very smart and can give you the best advice when you need them. She must also be smart enough to know how to act especially when you guys have issues. A woman who can help you with your problems and provide solution almost all the time is a good wife material.

#SHE MUST BE AMBITIOUS:  she must be a woman who is hardworking in every area including at home. She must be one who can provide for herself. She must not be dependent on other people before she gets anything for herself. A good wife material must be a purposeful and goal driven woman. She must have what it takes to make your dreams a reality. She must be the fuel you need to push you the greater and better height.

Along with the qualities listed above, a good wife material must be neat, a good homemaker and knows how to take good care of herself. Even if she is not beautiful, she must pay attention to her body and always take her time to look good and presentable at all times. A good wife material must know how to do things that will make his man weak in his knees. A good wife material is your weakness and your strength, the one that will always make you rush home after work everyday and stay in every weekend. She must be able to cook, clean and she must be able to please you especially in the bedroom. A good wife material knows her place in the home and will always groom herself to be one at all times so that she won’t  need to chase a man but have men chasing her.


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