Homeless Man turns Titus O’Neil’s BFF

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WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil became friends with a homeless man on the streets of L.A. Saturday night and now they turned into full blown bffs. 🙂

O’neil decided to hit the streets around his hotel to find a homeless person to give some leftover food from dinner when he ran into John from Detroit.

What was supposed to be a quick encounter turned into a few hours of learning and laughter with a complete stranger.”

The 37-year old wrestler introduced John to other wrestlers in town for Sunday’s SummerSlam and hung out with him in the hotel.

The two met up again for breakfast this morning and swapped email addresses and he plans to stay in touch.

O’Neil adds, “Don’t look down on anyone and never judge a book by its cover, because you could be the cover one day.” #Word!

David King

David King

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