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It hurts when you love someone and they love someone else. But if we could avoid this we would yeah? Like when we see the signs we would run from getting hurt yeah? Here are the most likely signs that the person you feel so strongly for, are so much in love with, is never going to reciprocate this love.

He simply never pays any attention to you: not even when you are screaming and shamelessly begging for it. Women love attention and I have not come across any woman who doesn’t want a little bit of attention from her man. When the man you just fell in love with or are about to fall in love with finds even the most boring thing more interesting when you are around, it means you are not worth his interest.

He looks at every other woman but you: when you are out together, he barely notices you. Not even when you are on his arms and clearly close to him. He notices every woman that isn’t you, even the seventy year old woman on the wheel chair at the store.

He talks about other women in his life: does he talk about the other women in his life a lot? Is there a specific female friend who has his heart? The one who he will abandon you for to go and take care of all the damn time? Maybe that is who his heart is with because if he keeps doing this, it is clearly not with you.

He never compliments you: a woman likes to hear it when she looks good. Who doesn’t mind hearing how great her body looks in that dress? Or how beautiful her face looks with the new hairstyle? If your man never lets you know how pretty you are but says it freely to others, he is simply not seeing you. Maybe it is time you let yourself be seen by someone else?

He would rather spend time with other people that are not you: He would choose everything else over you. From television, to football, to anything at all. When a man likes you, he is most likely going to involve you in his whole day, when he doesn’t, the exact opposite happens.

He is not ready for a commitment “yet”: The moment you should know a man is not for you and will never be for you is when he tells you he is not ready for a relationship “yet” but he still doesn’t stop hanging with you, doesn’t stop trying to kiss you and have sex with you. If he isn’t ready for the emotions and he is always reaching for the cookie jar, it means he wants the benefit but not the commitment. And this would be okay if you wanted the exact same thing. If you don’t want the same thing, you would certainly get hurt. So you better leave before he does.

He just doesn’t want to go to a public place with you: Never. He just never wants to risk being spotted with you. He would be asked questions and how the heck do you want him to respond, huh? I was with someone once, his friend threatened to use a picture of us (me and the guy I was with) both on his own dp and the guy I was with objected seriously to it. Nobody knew I didn’t find it funny, nobody knew I never got the joke and nobody knew how that act hurt deeply. I walked away from the guy because I knew only pain was in the future if I stayed. It is what you should do if you are with a guy like this.


He doesn’t return your calls, never bothers with you until you reach to him: Relationships are a two way street. Except you are dating a dummy or a stick, your feelings and actions should be hundred percent reciprocated. When the man you are in love with would rather spend all his airtime calling other people than spending time with you on the phone, oh well, maybe someone else has his heart?

There is this one person you can’t be rid of: he seems to carry her everywhere with him. In his wallet, in his phone, in his messages and even in his heart. There is simply no space for you in this man’s heart because it has been occupied by this chic he swears mean nothing. If she doesn’t mean anything then why is she everywhere?

Let it go.


Loving someone and not getting the feeling back has to be one of the most painful things in the world and what might be more painful is actually walking away. It hurts, it kills you and it makes you feel like the world is about to end.

But if you do take the step then sometimes in the future when you look back, you will be eternally grateful that you moved on when you did.




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