Hautest DJ: Florence ‘Dj Cuppy’ Otedola launches ‘House Of Cuppy’ in Lagos (Official Photos)

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We present to you the official pictures from Dj Cuppy‘s House Of Cuppy launch which took place on the 8th of August 2014 at Kudeta Lounge.

The event which was proudly sponsored by Ciroc, was filled with celebrities from not only the music industry as everyone came out to support the disk jockey. All artistes featured on The House Of Cuppy compilation came out to show love to and support Cuppy.
The event which was strictly by invite started off with guests taking their pictures on the red carpet, various media houses interviewed guests as well as the beautiful Dj Cuppy who was so happy and delighted at the turn out of people who came out to support her new compilation mix.
There was a lot for guests to eat and drink as the night went on with a formal welcome speech by Maria Okanrende who then introduced the Symphonica 7 String Quartet to play. A question and answer session between Maria and Dj Cuppy followed as Cuppy explained how each track was produced and the work ethics put behind the production of the House Of Cuppy compilation.
Dj Cuppy then hit the decks, giving the crowd a great feel of what they came for. Playing songs off her compilation and from various artistes around the world, the guests could not get enough of the Queen of the decks as they asked for more and more. Cuppy had dancers dressed in Marie Antoinette costumes compliment her set, which made the it all more alive.

There is so much more to come from Dj Cuppy as it is clear and obvious that she is here to stay!

DJ Cuppy-HOC-152360nobs
DJ Cuppy

DJ Cuppy-HOC360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-4360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-14360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-29360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-30360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-32360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-36360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-45360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-52360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-53360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-57360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-63360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-67360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-70360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-74360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-75360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-76360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-77360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-78360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-82360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-90360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-96360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-106360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-107360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-109360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-111360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-112360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-120360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-122360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-123360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-124360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-125360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-127360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-129360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-130360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-132360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-134360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-138360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-142360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-149360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-150360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-154360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-156360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-164360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-165360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-166360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-167360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-170360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-175360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-179360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-181360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-183360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-185360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-186360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-188360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-199360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-200360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-206360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-211360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-212360nobs

DJ Cuppy and dad, Femi Otedola
DJ Cuppy and dad, Femi Otedola

DJ Cuppy-HOC-218360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-219360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-223360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-235360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-237360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-239360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-240360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-247360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-263360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-265360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-268360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-271360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-273360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-276360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-277360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-279360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-283360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-284360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-287360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-291360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-292360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-293360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-308360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-309360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-310360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-312360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-315360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-319360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-337360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-343360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-347360nobs DJ Cuppy-HOC-365360nobs


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