Half Goat, Half Sheep- Introducing Butterfly The geep

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What do you get when you cross a goat with a sheep? The answer, of course, is a geep – and there’s one in Arizona who’s melting hearts across the internet.

Butterfly, whose mother was a sheep and whose father was a pygmy goat, was born last Sunday at My Petting Zoo in Scottsdale – much to the surprise of the owner.

Priscilla Motola said she and her three children went to feed the animals on Sunday evening when her son found what he believed was a newborn goat, even thought all the female goats expecting had already given birth.


‘That’s when we looked at the mama sheep and saw she had just delivered,’ Motola said.

‘We were not aware that she was even pregnant. We noticed she got a little bigger, but we thought she was just eating more.’

Butterfly, named for her large black spots, has the feet and face of a goat but the wool and tail of a sheep.


The zoo is currently closed due to the hot weather, but Montola thinks Butterfly will be a hit with visitors when it reopens in the autumn.

‘She’s just a baby. We just want to give her some time,’ she said. ‘I just never expected something like this to happen.’




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