Guys, Here are the Things That Make You Less Attractive

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What works for every woman differs. And this is because we are different human beings, we are configured differently and we are influenced by different things and culture.

However, there are some things women all over the world, no matter the race would agree on when it comes to men.

There are some things that most women cannot stand and if a questionnaire were to be written on these things, majority of women would answer the exact same way.

These things include:

Bad manners

So we go on a date together and you managed all through the time we dined and wined to be sane. Then somewhere on our way back home, a yellow cab driver or a bus driver pulls a crazy one, then to show them you sef no be mumu, you roll down the glass of your fancy automobile, pull your head out like a conductor and then curse him in all of the Nigerian languages.

As if that is not enough, you pull your head back in and then face me and say, “I hope you didn’t mind that, I just don’t know how to form”. Of course I would mind! And of course you know how to form, you just chose not to form!

This might not happen this way all the time but believe me, I have seen guys behave in more ridiculous ways than this when they are trying to form street.

Bad manners is bad manners and when a man exhibits this, he automatically becomes hundred times less attractive to a woman. Even the one that was severely crushing on him prior to that shameless moment. And yes, even if you have the body of  Borris Kodjoe and the attitude of an Oshodi bus conductor, we still would like you way less.

Except of course the woman you are with sells pepper in Mushin.

No ambition

A directionless man is not appealing to any woman. Trust me, even women who do not have ambitions want a man who has ambition. No matter how hot and fine you are, you cease to be attractive when you have zero ambition.


Oh well, except you are Prince Harry then we really don’t see why you should be arrogant. And believe me, it gets worse when you have no dime in your pocket.

Don’t get me wrong, royals and wealthy people don’t get the ticket to be arrogant but those are the types of people that sometimes get away with it with some type of women. The type that don’t get away with it are the flat ass broke ones who still find a thing or two to be proud about.

Whatever category a man falls in, he has no excuse whatsoever to be arrogant. And women hate arrogant men.


Men expect women to be clean under, women expect the exact same. Care for your hair, your underwear and your body. Don’t keep dirty armpit hair under the excuse of hip-hop culture, its not sexy and it is certainly not appealing.

Cheap men

I understand some men might not be able to spend much on dates because of budget but at the same time, when it is the first time, you have to leave an impression and you don’t want it to be a bad one.

I went on a date once with a guy who came back from the UK with an American accent and who put me on a bike to our date. It was the last time I saw him. Women want you to make an effort and impress them, let them worry about the budget later. Maybe when you are past the initial stages of the relationship and are now heading for the real thing?


More and more things make men less attractive to women and these are just few out of those things that vary from women to women.




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