Google Nigeria’s Top 10 Trending Searches

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At number 1 is the deadly virus that has claimed alot of lives in different African countries and recently in Nigeria, the fear of the disease has heightened following the news of the death of the doctor who treated the Liberian man and 7 others who are in isolation because of the disease. see the full list. Lil kesh (shoki crooner) made the list though.

Ebola Virus
Hamas-Isreal conflict
Bamidele Aturu
Doctors Strike
Jude Okoye Wedding
Malala Yousafzai
John G Lake
Iheoma Nnadi (MBGN 2014)
Umaru Dikko
Kefee’s Burial

Top 5 trending musicians in Nigeria
Lil Kesh
Burna Boy

What questions were Nigerians asking
What is…?
What is Ebola
What is Oligopoly
What is Organ
What is Fibroid
What is Litigation

Where is …?
Where is Gaza
Where is Seychelles
Where is Aberdeen
Where is Disneyland
Where is Libya

Who is …?
Who is Malala
Who is Hamas
Who is Castro
Who is Phyno
Who is Madiba

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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