Ebola: New drug, Nano Silver, expected in Lagos hospital

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Nano Silver, an experimental drug for the treatment of Ebola Virus, was expected to get to the country on Thursday for the treatment of patients at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Yaba, Lagos .

The Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, who disclosed this at a news conference in Abuja on Thursday, also confirmed the that another nurse died of the Ebola virus disease.

The late nurse is one of the health workers that attended to the Liberian-American, Patrick Sawyer, who bought the EVD to Nigeria.

Chukwu said that Nano Silver was offered to   the country by a Nigerian.

According to him, the decision to use the drug on the EVD patients is in line with the protocols of the National Health Research Ethics code.

He said, “What is new in the treatment is that in the last briefing, we told you of a Nigerian who had already offered the country one of the experimental drugs, the Nano Silver.

“Hopefully, today(Thursday), the drug would reach the treatment centre. It follows all the protocols as governed by the National Health Research Ethics codes of this country in using the Nano Silver as part of the treatment regimen.

“We are also in touch with the WHO to see how we can have the buy in, in the experimental drugs with the WHO. We have been in touch with various centres in the world.

“Hopefully, more of the experimental drugs will be available to be vetted by our committee (the Research Group) which was set up by the government two weeks ago to coordinate not only research, but all claims in terms of treatment.”

A Nigerian contagious disease expert, Dr. Simon Agwale, had said that Nano Silver had proven effective against viruses, bacteria, and parasites. “It may be also a source of a cure” for Ebola patients, Agwale said.

Nano Silver oral, according to www.indiamart.com, is a dietary supplement providing nano (10nm) scaled silver particles in pure hydro solution.

Reports confirm that Nano Silver Oral kills the deadliest bacteria tested so far.

US major universities like UC Davis, Kansas, UT have proven the effectiveness of the product in killing thousands of strains of Staphaureus, T.B, Strepaureus, E. Colli, Salmonella, yeast and even anthrax spores and so on.

Nano Silver Oral is the only non-toxic product-proven to kill anthrax spores. Test reveal successful efficacy of Nano Cell Silver in combating malaria, bird flu among others.

Nano Ag+ ruptures and penetrates the cell wall membranes and interacts with sulphur and phosphorous compounds of DNA, inhibiting the replication of bacteria.

The strong positive ionic charge of silver enhances additional bactericidal effect, thereby killing the bacteria totally.



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  1. Nano Silver is a disinfectant. It is not a drug or a vaccine. Either the Nigerian government is being scammed (which means they are incompetent), or they are trying to fool the public (which means they are dishonest). All you have to do is Google-search “nano silver” and you will see that it has never been used in any drug trials for anything, let alone for Ebola.

    1. you know you should try to verify your facts before concluding next time. you’re actually the one being scammed by your lack of intelligence

    2. Fat geek, Here is what the drug company does not want you to see….the truth about nano silver and the test the USA did:
      A Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA is part of the Department of Defense, created in 1999) paper declassified in 2009 which showed definitively that Nano Silver 10 PPM inactivates Ebola virus and does it better than either a 25 PPM or 50 PPM solution.
      Feel free to call them and verify this. It’s all about profit.

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