Donald Trump Advises US To Ban All Flights From West Africa Over Ebola

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Billionaire Donald Trump has slammed the US government for allowing flights from West Africa over Ebola.

Trump expressed his disgust at the government flying infected doctors into the country, saying they should rather fly the drugs to them.

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  1. About 99% of the time do not agree with Donald Trump; but, in this case I think he is correct. I would hope that the Administration bans travelers from West Africa (or anywhere where large outbreaks of Ebola) who want to visit relatives, vacation, or other reasons. However, I would not like to see health care workers banned as they are greatly needed to contain the outbreak. Have much respect & admiration for them. We do NOT want a Pandemic across the world, and people who are not health care workers should not be allowed to get on planes until the outbreak is contained, or stopped…

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