DJ Jimmy Jatt Graces The Cover OF MYSTREETZ Magazine On His 25th Anniversary in the music industry.

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Mystreets Magazine features the cool DJ Jimmy Jatt on its cover in celebration of Jimmy Jatt’s 25 years in the Nigerian music industry.

According to Sesan Adeniji, Publisher of Mystreetz Magazine.

‘Twenty five years in the pursuit of your passion without obstructions or distractions which often leads to diminishing return is highly commendable.

It’s beyond mortal for anyone to pursue a career with the same energy, skills and drive without giving up one bit in the last 25years and now being looked up to by aspiring young DJ’s in Nigeria.

I think I might as well admit here without any fear of contradiction whatsoever that Dj Jimmy Jatt personifies, epitomizes, embodies, adjectives to qualify his impact in the entertainment industry, particularly in the Djing sub-sector. For 25years he has rule the industry as the undisputed number one without a single controversy. No active name in today’s industry carries the same weight as his.

“Initially it was tough, playing Nigerian music back then, everyone thinks you are trying to kill the party but we kept infusing it in bits and now we rarely play foreign music”

’For me I would say it has been a great progress, although there were hurdles to cross. I knew that all the while but with each stage, I kept skipping them and constantly moving on“. In the words of DJ Jimmy Jatt.

This edition is a must read and will be available on newsstands nationwide, as well as in shops like Glendora books stores, The Hubs stores, and Patabah books store. Also available on YSG Hubs/outlet nationwide.

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Cover photography by August Udoh.




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