Demonstrators In Missouri Ignore Curfew, Continue Protests [PHOTOS]

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Over 200 demonstrators  in Ferguson, Missouri, ignored the government’s curfew and continued to protest the death of teenager Michael Brown at the hands of a white police.

Dozens of heavily armed officers with batons, shields, helmets, assembled in grid formation with SWAT vans came down the hill with cops on the top with assault rifles.

Over a loudspeaker they told the crowd they were in violation of the curfew and would be ‘subject to arrest and or other actions’.

The small army with around 100 Swat officers slowly advanced as a Molotov cocktail flared up in the crowd.

At 12.45am all the cops put on gas masks and the first of at least five volleys of tear gas, 18 shots in total, was sent into the crowd, causing them to scatter.

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