Comedian Writes his own Hilarious Obituary just before his death

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A Pennsylvania man with a big heart and an even bigger appetite for comedy is getting the audience he always deserved, thanks to a hilarious obituary – that he wrote himself.

Kevin McGroarty, an advertising executive from rural Pennsylvania, penned his own self-deprecating 500-word obituary in the months leading up to his death after suffering for years from health problems.

The 53-year-old joker described by friends as ‘the life of the party’ claimed ‘a long fight with mediocrity’ was to blame for his death.
‘He was baptized at St. Cecilia Church, Exeter, which later burned to the ground, attended Butler Street Elementary, which was later torn down, and middle school at 6th Street in Wyoming, now an apartment building,’ the obituary went on.


McGroaty goes on to describe his hobbies (‘practical jokes, over-tipping in restaurants, sushi and Marx Brother’s movies’) and then describes the houseflies and bees he acquainted with himself over his life.

He adds: ‘He was laid to rest on Monday at St. Cecilia’s Church in Exeter in an emotional but also light-hearted affair, in which Father Paul McDonnell acknowledged in his sermon the possibility his death may be a hoax.

‘McGroarty leaves behind no children (that he knows of).’

He finishes with the advice: ‘It costs nothing to be nice…and never stick a steak knife in an electrical outlet.’




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