Colombian lawyer to sue FIFA for poor officiating during world cup

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Colombian lawyer Aurelio Jimenez is set to sue world football governing body FIFA for 1 billion dollars in “moral damages” caused by the sub standard refereeing at the world cup.

Jimenez, 74 is claiming that Velasco Carbello’s poor decisions in the match between Brazil and Colombia caused him great distress and saw him hospitalized.

“I felt very bad, I was heartbroken and my cardiac rhythm was altered. My relatives took me to the emergency room in the hospital where I was surrounded by my grand kids who were all shedding tears. So I decided to sue FIFA in the Colombian judicial system. Besides FIFA’s referees  also caused great moral damage to Chile, England, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Colombia lost 2-1 to Brazil in the quater finals in a match that was plagued with some very rash tackles including the takle by Zuniga on Neymar that broke the Barcelona forward’s back.

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