Chris Bamidele’s Corner: Wedding Blues… Episode 8 by @Degreatest2

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wedding blues



“I said, Drop. That. Phone”

“Please, don’t kill me, please, I beg you…” Bisi drops the phone on the floor as she pleads, tears streaming down her face; she is shaking like a convulsing child

“Kick the phone towards me, and don’t try to do anything stupid like screaming or anything of sort. Or else, I will blow your head off. Now, the phone…” Bisi who is still shaking gently kicks the phone forward.


Smith reverses the car into position before roaring on to Herbert Macaulay way, he shoots a look at Odion and growls “belt” Odion quietly fastens his seat belt. Smith brings out a class ‘A’ vehicle-mounted siren from the glove compartment, stretches his left hand out of the car window and places it on the roof of the car. The siren blast comes on as the car lurches forward, increasing pace.

“Where are we going Detective?” Odion asks calmly

“We are going to where Bisi is” he answers without taking his eyes off the road.

“And where is Bisi right now, Jasmine’s house?” he asks turning to Smith who has his eyes set on the road.

“See the bag at the back? Open it and bring out the tab, switch it on and click on the tracking app. We will know where she is” Odion brings out the tab and does as instructed.

“The signal seems static and it is coming from a house somewhere in Dolphin estate” he says turning to Smith as the red indicator continues to blink on a mapped area.

“That’s Jasmine’s house and that is where we are going” He swerves through the little traffic caused by the red light at Adekunle junction. The cars make way for him to pass as he turns left and start ascending the intersection leading to the 3rd mainland bridge.

“So, who was on the line when you received the call?”

“I can’t say for sure. But Bisi called me and was about telling me something, when I heard someone ordered her to drop the phone. But the voice was a bit faint and I can’t be sure if it was a man’s or a woman’s voice”

“So, we need to move faster as to apprehend whoever this person is before she hurts Bisi, especially as the line has been dropped and probably the phone is with whoever threatened her to drop it” Odion reasons.

“Yes, we need to move faster, and the phone being with whoever is threatening her is a plus for us. It means we can listen in” Smith says as he hits the 3rd Mainland bridge, the road is relatively free.

“Sorry detective, how do we listen in, if the line has been dropped?”

Smith, looks at the phone again, check his wristwatch before placing the phone on the car phone-mount sitting on the dashboard.

“The phone has an auto redial feature that will activate itself if the line cuts off before 60 seconds. Bisi didn’t stay up to 20 seconds on the line before it went off, and I reckon the assailant will probably collect the phone and put in his or her pocket. But in exactly 2 minutes, the phone will redial the last number without the caller even knowing. I didn’t tell Bisi about that feature because I figured this kind of a thing might happen”



Jasmine tucks the phone in the back pocket of her jean trouser, she is holding a SIG Pro semi-automatic pistol and pointing it to Bisi who is still shaking and crying profusely.

Jasmine had left the apartment earlier; she was heading out while Bisi was still taking a short nap after breakfast. When Bisi woke up, she decided to watch some films to take her mind off her many troubles. She switches on the TV and the home theatre which had a flash drive plugged into it, clicked the media button on the remote control, selected films icon and saw more than enough films to watch. She likes action films and comedy thrillers, so she selected “Guns, Girls, and Gambling”, she had heard about the film before now and she decided to watch it. Halfway into the film, electricity went off, and she decided to take out the flash drive and watch it on Jasmine’s laptop which was unusually left on the dining table. She prayed the laptop would not have a password lock since Jasmine had never really left it around carelessly before now, but she was working on the laptop the night before and she seemed to have purposefully or accidentally gone to work without it. Fortunately, the laptop was without a password, she slotted in the flash drive and was about opening the movie with VLC player when a particular file on the desktop caught her eye, it was named “DIRTS” she wondered what could be in it before clicking it open.

Bisi was shocked to see several videos of her and Tega having sex in different places, videos of Bola and Dayo having sex; and another video where Bola seems to be doing strip tease for someone who is surely a female judging by the background audio. She remembered the phone detective Smith gave to her and his instruction to only use it to call whenever there is an emergency. “This is an emergency, something is wrong here, or why would Jasmine who is her best friend and was her maid of honour have several sex videos of them, some of which had been leaked already” she thought to herself before placing a call to Detective Smith – before Jasmine walked back in with a gun.

“Now go into the bedroom and take a seat on the couch, did you hear me? Move now, before I do something stupid” Jasmine voice jolts her back to the present; she is still shaking terribly as she moves into the bedroom and towards the couch.



Smith descends the bridge tuning to Obalende roundabout. He has stopped blaring the siren now and he curses under his breath as two tricycles popularly called ‘Keke Marwa’ try to make a U-turn in front of the old Nitel building at the roundabout. He finally makes a turn, the phone on the mount rings; he shoots a knowing glance at Odion before depressing the green button and then the speaker indicator on the screen.

“Why are you looking around? You know when you look for what is not lost so hard; you will find what you shouldn’t find so easily” the voice comes through the phone speaker so clear but not very crisp

“Odion, now I am sure that is a female voice, and the phone is probably with her, but who?”

“Bisi is with Jasmine, her best friend of many years, and now she is being threatened by a woman, my bet is, it has to be Jasmine” Odion says as he looks at the phone as if he could see the woman whose voice is coming through clearly but faintly. Bisi voice comes in next, but very faint amidst the ambience.

“Jasmine please, why are you doing this to me? You are my friend, don’t kill me please…”

“I never planned to kill you, but at the same time. I never thought I’d be so careless that you would see those videos…” Jasmine whose voice is the clearer one comes on the phone again.

“I didn’t see any video, believe me. I didn’t”

“You didn’t see any videos, and you were just calling the detective to say hello right? Well, I believe you. But in my opinion, you are a loose end, and I have got to tie any loose end. Nobody must be able to pin me to Bola’s murder because I can’t afford to go to jail when I am very close to achieving my mission”

“Jasmine, so you are the one, you killed Bola… You killed my sister. Why…? Why…? Jasmine, why did you do that to me, to our friendship, to my family, to my marriage… why?” Bisi wails loudly now.

“Shhhhhhh, don’t scream. No one will hear you anyway because this room is sound-proofed. Now, I know you cared about your sister, but she despised you and you should be thanking me for helping you kill her before she had the chance to kill you and take over Dayo after your death. But as it was, she was standing in my way. Because Dayo was mine, and will forever be mine” she says sounding menacingly even on the phone

“Ah! Jasmine, I met Dayo before you through another friend who is not even very close to me, and you and my sister have shown me nothing but support all the time we were dating till the time we were planning our marriage and even until the wedding day, at what point did Dayo become yours” Bisi sobs through her response.

“Oh! You think everything good has to be yours by right abi? Even back in school, you had the best boo at any point in time, while you were still sleeping around with any guy you fancied. You turned me to your P.A, I would lie for you, cover your tracks and what did I get? Nothing! I was the one left with no good guy, I am still. We came out of school, and you got a job and Dayo while still sleeping around with any man who could pay your fee. But Dayo knew I loved him, he knew I was the better choice for him, but he would never even let me show him how much I could love him because he was all about you, even when I didn’t even mind being his side chic. I was still scheming my way when the bitch of your sister who I thought was committed to me started fucking him, she started telling me she was falling in love with Dayo and she was going to stop what both of us had going and have a proper thing with Dayo – ‘a proper thing’ that was how she said it to me that day…”she sniggers

“Committed to you? How? Bola was a lesbian? You are a lesbian?

“Oh! You are really shocked right? Well I swing both ways, but your sister swore to me guys irritated her and there was nothing sexy about their bodies. She lied to me, she had me fooled, but she got paid – big time paid…”

“Jasmine please don’t kill me, you have killed my sister, but please spare my life, I won’t say a word… please” Bisi pleads

“Of course you won’t say a word. I will ensure that. I never planned to kill you though, I only wanted to implicate you and Tega since you guys can’t stop fucking each other and Dayo couldn’t stop fucking Bola. Then complicate the whole murder case so Dayo will be left off the hook, and I will be there for him, consoling him while I take over subtly and everybody goes home happy and not feeling cheated out; but you leave me with no choice when you saw those videos. I can’t go to jail. I still have a chance with Dayo…”


Smith pulls over on the sidewalk; he cuts off the call on the phone, removes his gun from the holster and motions Odion to follow him. They both enter the gate of a large compound which has 6 flats; Jasmine’s flat is the one at the back but upstairs and with its curtains drawn. Odion follows Smith who stealthily leads the way up the stairs, Smith quietly turns the knob leading to the living room; it opens. They step into the house; Smith looks around, and then motions Odion to follow him to the bedroom.


“Jasmine please don’t do this, you can have Dayo all to yourself. He wouldn’t even want to see me again, and I am not sure I want to see him also. And I promise to keep quiet and accept my fate, just don’t shoot me please”

Jasmine ignores her, brings out a subsonic silencer from her bag and proceeds to screw it into the handgun’s muzzle.

“Jasmine, please… don’t kill me, I beg you in the name of God, in the name of our friendship, in the name of anything and everything you believe in…” Bisi pleads again with tears

“Shut up and kneel down” Jasmine barks at her “Face down, you don’t want to look at me when I pull the trigger”

Bisi pulls herself together, she knows this is the end, she thinks she might as well face it without any fear; she refuses to kneel.

“I said kneel, are you deaf?” Jasmine barks again

“I will not kneel, if you want to shoot me, you can as well shoot me in the head while you look straight into my face. I will not apologize for who I was, who I am or what I did; not to you and not even to Dayo, because he betrayed me too. It is Only God that can judge me, and when I meet Him, I will tender any apology whatsoever that I have. So, madam cowboy, shoot me in the face already and let’s get this over with here and now.” Bisi stands with both her arms akimbo as she spit out the words in disdain.



Detective Smith motions to Odion that it is time for them to break in to the bedroom; they had been listening to the muffled conversation between Jasmine and Bisi. Smith is not sure if the door was locked with a key or if it was bolted from behind, he doesn’t seem to want to find out. He figured in his head that it is best they break in suddenly as Jasmine might have enough time to shoot Bisi if there is any delay or tip-off at the door. He signals to Odion to join him as he prepares to lunge against the door at the count of three.



Jasmine pauses in shock; she is still holding the silencer she is screwing into the gun’s muzzle. She can’t believe Bisi suddenly develops this level of boldness, she steps forward, drops the silencer on the floor, presses the gun muzzle against Bisi’s forehead. Bisi trembles as she feels the cold iron on her temple, but she is resolute. Jasmine’s index finger rests on the trigger, her palms firmly around the grip; her face, a mask of terror.

“I. Said. Kneel, you idiot”

It happens in a flash, Bisi lunges forwards towards Jasmine; they struggle. Odion and Smith lunge against the door as one, the door gives way. A single gunshot rings out; the two men stand stunned as the women go down in a heap.



Smith paces around for a while, he takes another look at the woman sedated and sleeping on the bed, the wound to her upper abdomen just beside her ribs has been cleaned and wrapped in sterile bandage. He picks his phone and dials.

“Hello, Bisi. You are good I guess” he pauses

“Don’t worry, like I told you, the bullet went through and through leaving just an exit wound. So she’ll live to answer for her crimes. Just take a good rest and I will come with Odion to check on you later…”

“Naaaah! It’s nothing; I am just doing my job. You need to rest, you have gone through so much since your wedding, and as I speak Odion is with Dayo to see how both of you can move past this whether as one or as individuals. So, when we come around to see you, I hope there will be plenty of good things to talk about. Take care of you… Bye!”

He drops the calls, looks at Jasmine again on the bed and exhales.

“Hmmmmmmm. If this is not the weird kind of wedding blues, someone tell me what it is”


PS: Thank you for staying with “WEDDING BLUES” for the past 8 weeks. Another fiction series is coming up from next Monday; this one is from one of my very young and talented friend, Temitope Johnson @aunty_temi. She is a good writer and I hope you will enjoy her piece for the next 5 weeks. The series is titled “LUST. LOST.LOVE” Though each episode will have a different title, the story follows a central theme. See you next week, CIAO!

Christopher Bamidele

Christopher Bamidele

Chris Bamidele is a passionate and unapologetic Nigerian; an amateur writer and aspiring TV director who holds a first degree in Mass Communication, but majored in Radio and TV Broadcasting. He is cool headed, a realist, and an optimist to the core. Chris Bamidele blogs African stories on and tweets @degreatest2. He currently lives in Lagos.

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