Chris Bamidele’s Corner: Wedding Blues… Episode 7 by @Degreatest2

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wedding blues


Odion stands at the corner of the room leaning against the wall, holding a writing pad and a pen with which he had been taking notes as Bisi was giving her statement to detective Smith since they got into the hospital room. Bisi’s face looks swollen, she had been crying apparently, but Smith is not satisfied yet, at least the look on his face says so.

“Bisi, I am truly trying to help you here, but it seems you are not interested in helping yourself. One day fling does not explain the content of the video you just showed me which you claimed was sent to you by someone you don’t know. So, what are we missing here? What are you not saying? I want to hear it, only if you are ready to help yourself” Smith crosses his legs as he finishes talking, he flips his jotter close and put the pen he had been writing with, back in his bag

“Detective, I am telling you the truth, I got a little tipsy on my bridal shower’s night, Tega came in to the karaoke bar un-invited, he called me outside and I thought he wanted to just congratulate me or give me a gift or something. Afterall, he is my husband best friend, so I went into his car and I got carried away. Detective, that’s the truth I swear, it was just that one time, few days to my wedding, just that one time. Help me please” she sobs in between her words.

“I don’t believe you Bisi, unless you are telling me someone accidentally planted a spy CCTV camera with Infrared and Night Vision features in Tega’s car, hoping you would get drunk at your bridal showers’ and have sex in his car…” Smith pauses, no answer from Bisi who just keeps sobbing. He turns to Odion.

“Odion, what do you think, is she telling the truth?”

Odion clears his throat as he steps away from the wall where he had been leaning since after they watched the video on Bisi’s phone. He moves towards Smith; Bisi trails him with her teary eyes as if trying to plead with him to defend her.

“Detective, you know I have kept to myself since you asked me earlier to let you handle your job the way you know how to; I know I am just a lawyer and my job is a bit different from yours. But now that you’ve asked me to weigh in, I am not sure you would want to hear what I have to say”

“Odion, quit the grandstanding and help me out here; my heart says either Bisi or Tega is responsible for Bola’s murder, my head says neither of them is. I need another opinion before I proceed”

“Detective please, your heart is right, I can’t kill my own sister, what would I gain by killing her if I knew she was sleeping with my husband? Please, believe me. Odion, please tell him” she pleads

Odion sighs, closes his writing pad drops it on a nearby table, stands straight, and dips his two hands in his trousers’ pockets

“Detective, I have represented a number of clients with murder cases hanging on their necks. Some clients were guilty, while some were not; final judgement from the court is another thing entirely though. But in my experience and with my gut-feeling, Bisi and Tega are not guilty of Bola’s murder, and we might not even be very close to identifying the killer, because the killer seems to let us find whatever he wants us to find, at the exact time he wants us to find it…”

“How do you mean?” Smith interjects

“I mean the killer is and has always been one step ahead of all of us even before this murder took place” he pauses, alternates his glance between Bisi and Smith, both of whom have their eyes fixated on him.

“Go on, tell me.” Smith urges him on

“First and foremost, I believe we can all agree that Bola’s death was premeditated, it didn’t just happen on the Bisi and Dayo’s wedding day by accident. Apparently Dayo didn’t kill Bola, but someone did. Someone who knew she was going to be there on that day, someone who knew they had been having sex long before that day. Someone who also had the pre-knowledge of Tega and Bisi’s secret affair” he turns to Bisi “By the way, I don’t believe you were drunk that night and had sex with Tega by accident, it was just one of those nights of your regular sexcapades”

“I am sorry…” she mumbles

“Don’t be silly Bisi; you are not sorry. You are only sober because it turns out this way; you are loose woman but not a killer”

“Odion, how did you come to all these conclusions?” Smith asks

“Ok, detective, let’s backtrack a bit to the day of the murder” Smith nods and urges him on

“Bola turns up at the hotel with a car that we have not been able to trace the owner till date. The car had a high resolution camera installed in the dashboard, which we only discovered after the first video of Bola and Dayo was sent to you 4 days after the wedding. So, who sent the video?”

He paces around a bit then continues “After Dayo was arrested, I acquired the surveillance video from the hotel which had everything that implicated Tega except the recording of the actual killing. Why? Because Bola chose to park at the only blind spot in the whole of that car park; maybe that was purely coincidental, but Bisi suddenly received a video of her sex romp with Tega while Tega was still with us at the police station. The question is, why wasn’t that video sent to you just like the first one? Why was the video sent just after we were about nailing Tega?”

“I can’t say, maybe the person just wanted to blackmail Bisi and Tega this time around, maybe something else. But at the same time, if the intention of the video was to blackmail Bisi or Tega, there would have been a message or some demand alongside the video, the person would have at least made contact” Smith replies

“You are right detective. The killer wanted us to find all those clues at the time we found them. When you arrested Dayo and Bisi for the murder, you got a video incriminating only Dayo establishing a motive for him to kill his wife’s sister, thereby exonerating the wife in a way. And since as a lawyer, I would normally want to look for evidence that will prove my client’s innocence; the surveillance video from the hotel came up and implicated Tega. As we were about to crack the case further, the sextape of Bisi and Tega surfaced throwing us right back to the beginning, presenting a motive for both Tega and Bisi to kill Bola and frame Dayo for it. The killer knows that once that happens, Tega will find a lawyer who in turn will start looking for facts and evidence to prove Tega’s innocence, and I bet you there will be; and then we will go round and round like that until we are all tired or something.”

Detective Smith sighs, gets up from his seat and stretches his hand to Odion for a handshake. Odion smiles and takes his hand shaking it warmly.

“You see, I had that theory in my head as well, but it is not just coming together. Thank you for opening my mind again”

“It’s alright sir, we all just want justice to be done” Odion replies calmly. Smith turn to Bisi

“Ok, Bisi I know you are well enough to go home, but since it is now apparent that the killer is somewhere out there, I wouldn’t want you to just go to your house and stay alone because I have a feeling this killer might want to do other things through you or to you. Do you have any friends you can stay with for a while?”

“Yes, I can stay with Jasmine; we have been friends since school”

“Oh, that should be one of your friends we interviewed at the church right? Smith asks

“Yes, my maid of honour”

“Alright, from here we go to the station. Where I will try and cross-reference your statements with Tega’s, maybe we can find anything that will help us catch this killer. Then I will give you a phone, it’s an encrypted phone, also auto tracking-enabled, with my number on speed dial, just press 1 and send. The phone can’t call any other line, but always make sure you have it on you all the time. But never use it to call me except it is an emergency, if you need to reach me for any other thing, call my official line, ok?”

“Ok sir, thank you sir.” She wipes off her tears with the back of her palm



Odion is sitting across Smith’s desk; both men have worried looks on their faces. It’s been two weeks and they have not made any progress. Smith clicks his rollerball pen continuously as he stares blankly at his writing pad which lays open on his table. He soon brings up his head

“Odion, it’s been 2 full weeks, what are we not getting right?”

“Detective, I still can’t understand. You have interviewed almost every known person Dayo and Bisi came in contact with from 2 weeks prior to their wedding till Bola’s body was found locked in Dayo’s car booth”

“All the clues and leads seem to terminate in a dead-end, what am I not seeing? If this killer’s intention is to make me look stupid and throw me off balance, he is surely succeeding.” Smith gets up and starts to pace around; Odion follows his every step with his gaze

“He is succeeding? How do you know the killer is not a ‘she’?” Odion asks without removing his gaze from him. Smith stops dead in his tracks, turns to Odion.

“How do you know the killer is a ‘she’?” he asks him

“How do you know the killer is not a ‘she’?” Odion asks in reply.

Both men stares at each other, not sure of what to say or do next. They are both not sure of their theories, of why the murderer has to be a particular sex.

“Odion…” Smith phone rings cutting him short, he looks around, the ringtone is not the usual one from his official line. He opens his drawer. Bisi is on the line from the encrypted phone, he picks in haste.


“Detective, come… please… come…”

“Calm down, what is the problem?

“Drop. That. Phone Now…” another voice seems to bark in the distance as the phone goes off. Smith looks at Odion

“Tell me that’s a man’s voice” he asks almost hysterical

“The phone was not in my ear sir” Odion replies looking confused.

“Odion, come with me, I think the killer is with Bisi.”

“What… wait, what do you mean?”

“Just come with me, I will explain in the car”

Christopher Bamidele

Christopher Bamidele

Chris Bamidele is a passionate and unapologetic Nigerian; an amateur writer and aspiring TV director who holds a first degree in Mass Communication, but majored in Radio and TV Broadcasting. He is cool headed, a realist, and an optimist to the core. Chris Bamidele blogs African stories on and tweets @degreatest2. He currently lives in Lagos.


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