Check Out IAmIsigo’s 2015 Resort Collection- ‘White Noise’

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According to the Artistic Director & Owner of the brand, Bubu Ogisi – “Going back 15 to 20 years ago when we sat in front of the non-remote televisions then, waiting for a programme to start all I remembered was staring into the movement of the black pixels and wondering why they were confined to this box“

She also added that after the splashy, bold colors of the past few season, they decided to opt for a much more cleansing palette with head-to-toe stripes and clean black and white looks for resort.

The rectangular grid inspired the rectangular shaped Bubu shirts, Bubu crop and Bubu Dress. The slits along with the mesh detail and uneven side pieces were inspired by the sequence of serially uncorrelated random variables with a zero mean and a finite variance. The uniform probability distribution formed the base for all the oversize pieces sticking to our core brand values of being minimal but yet audacious.



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