CCTV Footage Showed Patrick Sawyer Avoiding Bodily Contact On The Flight

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According to Liberian newspaper, The New Dawn, which monitored the CCTV footage recorded at Monrovia’s James Spriggs Payne’s Airport, Monrovia, Sawyer looked “terribly ill” before he boarded the 20 July Asky Airline plane to Lagos He reportedly wore a “sad countenance“ and was obviously in severe pain.

According to the paper, Mr. Sawyer sat alone all through the time he was boarding the flight and avoided bodily contact with other passengers who were close to him at the boarding gate in Monrovia.

Mr. Sawyer became severely ill on the plane and was taken to First Consultant Hospital, Obalende, from the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos. He died there on 24 July.

The hospital in which he died, First Consultant Hospital had issued a statement confirming that it had to resist huge pressure from Liberian government officials who wanted him to be discharged, and claimed he had a crucial role to play in that talkshop.

Firstly, his employers suspected Ebola and isolated him. Secondly, he was aware of his condition, Thirdly, he was cleared to travel by his friend, who is a deputy minister in Liberia. Sawyer was acutely aware of his condition when he also boarded the flight to Nigeria for a conference in Calabar.

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