Brazil Grants One-Year Stay To Runaway Ghanaians

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Brazil has extended a one-year stay to the Ghanaian football fans who refused to leave after the World Cup.

The over 200 Ghanaian supporters applied for asylum in Brazil under the reported pretext of a religious conflict in the West African state after Ghana’s first round exit from the World Cup.

Ghana’s Sports Ministry is yet to get a response from the findings expected to be made through investigations to be carried out by the Ghanaian embassy in Brazil.

The asylum seekers have however been granted an initial one-year permit by Brazilian authorities to stay and work in their country.

Some of the supporters have even filtered into neighboring countries; Argentina and Ecuador with others making their way north to the USA.

“We didn’t tell Brazilian authorities that there was conflict in Ghana and for that they should grant us asylum,” one of the granted asylum seekers Hamidu Ahmed told Asempa FM.

“Each and every one of us came here with his own reason which is definitely not a conflict situation.

“We have received our papers and some of us have already started working. Some of us work in industries and others work in the construction sector.

“Some have however left into neighboring Argentina, Ecuador and the likes. Others are also traveling by road to the USA”.



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