Bedroom Series: IYAWO

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In this captivating editorial by Photographer Paul Ukonu for his Bedroom Series, he features the beauty Daala Oruwari in the ‘IYAWO’ Edition. This is officially the 3rd edition (check for previous editions)…
“Her skin, dark and shiny like the crude oil from her home town. Her faced carved to fine detail like the masks at her village’s shrine. She is modern, she is ancient. She is the new African woman, a renaissance of the natural allure of daughters of Africa.
She toils from dusk to dawn. When she gets home she removes her garments and rolls on the sheets, her soft body caressing the padded mattress. She wants to sleep, and let the cool breeze massage her aching parts, but she can’t. One more deed must be done tonight, pound yam for her husband.”
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Photography: Paul Ukonu
Model: Daala Oruwari
Story: Ayomide Tayo
Makeup by: Daala Oruwari


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