#AFWL2014: Africa Fashion Week London Street Style Day 1

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Africa Fashion Week London2014 kicked off yesterday, 8th of August at London’s Olympia at Earls court. As we have done in the past, we’ll be bringing you designs and trends which would showcased at event. This the 3rd year of the annual fashion event. You know there is no fashion week without street style, here are some images our London-based photographer, Michael Tubes has taken so far. Look out for Funmi Iyanda and Mrs Okocha. Enjoy. Stay and remain clicked on 360nobs.com.


#AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-91-360nobs
#AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-93-360nobs #AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-94-360nobs
#AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-96-360nobs
#AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-98-360nobs

#AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-101-360nobs
#AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-103-360nobs #AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-104-360nobs
#AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-106-360nobs

#AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-4-360nobs #AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-5-360nobs #AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-6-360nobs #AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-9-360nobs #AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-11-360nobs


#AFWL2014_Africa Fashion Week London-373_360nobs

#AFWL2014_Africa Fashion Week London-375_360nobs

#AFWL2014_Africa Fashion Week London-361_360nobs

#AFWL2014_Africa Fashion Week London-374_360nobs


#AFWL2014-African Fashion Week 2014-12-360nobs

Pictures: Michael Tubes for 360nobs.com




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