5 Ways To Look Like A Perfect Gentleman

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As there are physical qualities that attract a man to a woman, so there are for a man to get a lady’s attention. It’s not just the fine car you drive or the expensive phone in your hands, women enjoy seeing a man that looks like a ready made husband material to be bundled home to meet mummy; a perfect gentleman. If you want to make heads turn, ladies drool and fall in love with you, just have a gentleman’s demeanor. These are some of the ways to pull it off:

#1. INVEST IN GOOD CLOTHES AND SHOES: the way you are dressed says a lot about you. Do not indulge in buying aba made clothes with terrible misspellings. If you can’t afford the new designer wears, there are some places you can get them, not as new but just as good at subsidized rates. Learn how to combine your clothes and what to wear for every occasion. Don’t wear suits when you are supposed to be wearing beach shorts and a Polo shirt. Read magazines and watch TV as a style guide.

#2. LEARN HOW TO TREAT A LADY: open doors for her, help her with her shopping bags, tell her how good she looks; little things like these make a girl feel like she has just been appointed the first lady of Nigeria. It doesnt matter what she does for a living or how she is dressed, just tell her nice things. Show her that you actually are interested in everything about her and trust me, she will be falling in love with you.

#3. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR APARTMENT: most girls expect a guy’s house to be badly arranged with clothes, magazines and stuff scattered about everywhere. So, if you want to come off as a gentleman and impress the socks off her feet, pay attention to your home. Keep it clean and well arranged at all times. You don’t need to overdo it, keep it simple and impeccable at all times.

#4 BE GOOD WITH KIDS: score a soft spot in her heart by being good with kids or appear to be good with kids. Girls love to see guys that will give them an assurance that you will be a good baby father and being good with kids, showing that you care about babies like posting their pictures on Facebook and twitter and instagram with cure captions definitely shows it.

#5. HAVE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THINGS: knowing bits and pieces about things shows that you have the patience to learn. It is good to know things so you don’t look lost when she brings up a topic. Even if you don’t know, show her that you are willing to make her pass her knowledge to you. Do not at any point make her feel like she is dumb.

A gentleman is humble, kind and easy going and can score any girl they want. A perfect gentleman is a man after many girl’s hearts. Learn to be a gentleman and gbam, you can have the girl of your dreams.

What are the other ways to look or be a gentleman?


Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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