5 Ways To Find Out If A Girl Likes You

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One of the most difficult parts of setting p is finding out if a girl feels the same way about you as you feel about her. As we all know, girls are complicated and will not approach you to tell you that they like you; at least most Nigerian girls won’t. They would keep mute and wait till you meet them and tell them how you feel. However, there are other ways you can find out if a girl likes you. Her actions and body languages will say a lot if she is digging you; after all action speaks louder than voice. If she likes you or is interested in you, these are some of the things she will do.

#1. SHE’S SEEMS TO ALWAYS BE AROUND: if a girl likes you, she will try to be where you are at every possible time. She will always make sure that she sits close to you, make small talks with your friends or borrow something from you like a pen. She may even walk up to you and have a conversation with you or just sit by closely, watching your every move, although if she is shy, she would always avert her eyes from you. If it is on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook, she will always mention you, leave comments on your wall, post pictures she would have confirmed from her friends are okay. She always seems to know when you are online.

#2. SHE MISTAKENLY TOUCHES YOU; ON PURPOSE: with a girl that likes you, no touch is accidental. She will stand close to you or brush you, when she is passing by. She will put her arms around you, just to make a point. She is always brushing off one dirt or the other from your clothes with her hand and will always punch you or hit you playfully especially when you are trying to stop her. If she likes, she will never shy away from your “accidental” touches; except if she is the really shy type. On Twitter or Facebook, she will “accidentally” poke you or tag or cc you in pictures of her. She is constantly making an effort to be noticed.

#3. SHE IS ALWAYS ASKING FOR YOUR HELP: when a girl likes you, she will always try to seek your help with things; not the buy me recharge card kind of help though. She will ask you to help with an assignment, project or ask your opinion and advice about things she is doing or wants to do. She is doing so you will be involved in her private matters, she is stylishly inviting you to be a part of her life. She can even go as far as asking how she looks whenever she takes pictures.

#4. SHE IS ALWAYS FLIRTING WITH YOU… OR NOT: if she likes you, she will flirt with you to get your attention and that you are special; although flirting is it a sure sign that she is feeling you as some girls see it as a normal thing to do with boys. If she is also flirting with everybody around you and then leaving you out, she may also be doing it to get your attention and make you jealous. When she sees you flirting with other girls, she will get jealous and sometimes give you reasons not to flirt with anyone.

#5. SHE WILL ALWAYS TALK “ABOUT” YOU: if a girl likes you, she is going to be talking about you all the time with her friends and yours too. She will ask questions about you so she can know what you like and the things you enjoy doing. No woman can find things about you like a woman who has a crush on you. She is always fishing for information about you every little chance she gets.

A girl that likes you will also laugh at your jokes; lame or not. She makes it a point to always be there for you when you need someone to talk to. She wants to chill with you at all times and when you are not around or she has not heard from you, she will send you messages or call you to check on you. For a girl who likes you, her body language will give her away but not all the time. Some girls would hide their feelings so well, you will have no clue if they like you or not and sometimes, they will give you mixed signals, making you confused. When you are not sure you can read her feelings right, approach her and ask her if she likes you; that is the best way to find out if a girl likes you.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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