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Our eyes are as huge as saucers.

Yeka looks around at all three of us, then she sheepishly says, “Buks, let’s just try out the clothes, and see how gorgeous you’ll look in them!”

Why is she trying to change the topic? What is it? Who is the baby mama??

Me: “Onyeka Asemota Jones! Start talking now! Who is Jide’s baby mama??”

We all hassle her for a minute till she agrees to talk.

Yeka: “Well, how can I say this without sounding like Wikipedia? The thing is, she is an ex model turned events compere turned international banker… Aisha, remember that time we were at that Johnny Walker event and you asked me if I know the lady…”

OMG. She’s a model?!

Aisha: “Shut the front door!!”

Bisola and I are still clueless, we are just watching them bond over common knowledge. But it looks bad, oh no…

Me: “Who is she??? Tell me already!”

Aisha: “Regina Sangobawo.”

All of a sudden a bright light appears from nowhere, I hear sirens and distant gospel music. My head feels woozy. I hear the director yell, CUT.

This has got to be a dream. Or a low budget movie. Or a nightmare.

How can? How can Jide’s baby mama be Regina? What type of karma is this?

Did Yeka just say Wikipedia, she even has a Wikipedia profile???

The last I heard she was touring Paris with her PA and her glam team.

Isn’t she some model with legs longer than 3rd Mainland bridge?

Oh no, what am I going to do?

When people say baby mama drama, I envision Basketball Wives, not Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Oh Lord.

Yeka, Aisha and Bisola immediately run over to hug me and offer condolences.

Yeka: “Buks, don’t feel defeated I mean they’re clearly not together anymore and Jide likes you, even I can tell he does.”

Bisola: “I agree no man will go out of his way to get you this collection if he didn’t like you, plus she has a child by him so it is only logical they keep in touch. No pun intended.”

Aisha: “Guys… I know I shouldn’t say this but… She is freaking Regina Sangobawo! The Ice Queen. This woman travels on a private plane, I don’t think she has ever traveled commercial. She gets VIP passes to events and shows at home and abroad. She has been in Marie Claire. OMG Ibukun, she has more shoes than you do, and with a better financial future I presume. She partied with the Kardashians at Coachella. She even has a perfume named after her. Not to mention her own shoe line. I read somewhere that her baby daddy set her up well, that’s Jide obviously.”

Yeka and Bisola are giving Aisha the please drop dead look. I know I should call her out and tell her to shut the hell up with her groupie mouth. But she is right. This woman is something. For the first time in a long time I feel like the mascot and she is head cheerleader. I feel like she is the Prom Queen.

She is the Kevin Hart to my Papa Ajasco.

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